About Journey Magazine

Journey is a media company devoted to making recovery from addiction visible and at our core, we believe in transformation, inclusiveness and optimism.

By hosting a job board on our website, we are providing an opportunity for employers who have fair chance hiring practices to be elevated among the thousands of employers looking for good people.

For employers who have a culture of openness, acceptance and a desire to be a part of someone’s next steps in their journey.

We see job seekers eager to get to work so they can be self-reliant and contributors to their family and community struggle to find employers who will give them a chance.

When they find a position that looks right for them, they fill out the application online, maybe there’s a gap in their resume or years of short time positions … for various reasons there’s a BIG deep breath before they hit “submit”.

And then they wait.

And they wait without knowing if there’s going to be a conversation, an opportunity to explain who they are and the qualities that make them a potential fit for the position.

But more often than not, they’re excluded – sometimes by an algorithm.

We believe there’s a better way. 

A way to lower the barrier but not the bar.

Welcome to our job board, check out our postings!

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